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Our high quality mini basketball hoop is designed for you to enjoy anywhere. It’s durable and weatherproof design means you can enjoy both indoors and outdoors.


The latest articles from us here at Swish Sports

How to watch NFL, NBA & NHL in the UK!

For those of us who love watching American sports, it has always been a big problem to be able to get our fix here in the UK. Besides the timezone differences turning us into nocturnal animals to watch the games there has always been a huge issue of where and how to...

If you’re not doing these things after 40 you must start now!

Some things in life get tougher when we’re over 40. We have to work harder for some things, whether it be competing in the sporting arena or just keeping our weight down and bodies healthy. However, this can be complimented by experience and there are still a number...

Why Sport Is For Every Child

It is easy to assume that we all have likes and dislikes, including but not limited to sport, food, school subjects, bars, countries, appearances, personalities etc. and this is true. However, can we be encouraged to like things that are good for us, or at least to...

How to Make Your Kid a Sports Champion

I begin with the admission that I don’t have a child and I’m sure I can’t even begin to understand the difficulties and time restraints of the typical parent. However, I have coached kids in sports and taught in education so have had the opportunities to see what...

Sunday Quiz 13th February 2019 Answers

The Answers Clueless wordsearchMutilatorJames Milner Starter Kit"Postman" Ian Poulter Guess the link First Liverpool player to win the Ballon D'dor - Michael Owen Caveman Stemman - (Anagram) - Steve McManaman Famously had a boot thrown at him by his red-nosed manager....

Sunday Quiz 13th February 2019

Crazy Sunday fun-time 5! Fighting Sunday morning boredom at church? Nothing to do after Tesco closes at 4? No longer hungover and in need of some time fillers? Look no further, at Swish sports we have the answer you’ve been looking for with our fun, unique and kind...


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