This week's exclusive Sunday Sports quiz.

Crazy Sunday fun-time 5!

Fighting Sunday morning boredom at church? Nothing to do after Tesco closes at 4? No longer hungover and in need of some time fillers? Look no further, at Swish sports we have the answer you’ve been looking for with our fun, unique and kind of, in a way sometimes challenging sports quizzes and games.

Test yourself with our clueless word search. We’ve hidden 10 sports related words, can you find them all and work out their theme?


Can you contort your brain cells around our psychedelic mutilator? Who could that possibly be? Here’s a clue – it’s not the elephant man. 

Who’s starter kits are these? Guess the answer and you can almost literally become the star with a backpack and a few accessories. 

Can you guess the link? Answer the questions, and if you insisted upon using google you’ll still have your work cut out as the answer to the link remains 😉 

  1. First Liverpool player to win the Ballon D’dor
  2. Caveman Stemman – (Anagram)
  3. Famously had a boot thrown at him by his red-nosed manager.
  4. What is the link between them?

    Rockbusters! It’s not stolen because we misspelled it. Cryptic clues line the path to glory in this classic, probably never tried before in the sporting arena

This is as close as it comes to proving yourself as a sportsman without training or playing. Do not miss it. We would really appreciate your participation as we are young, hungry, up and coming quizzers and sports aficionados. Thank you in advance.

Oh and by the way, you don’t actually win anything, just in case you are a material girl(or guy)…equality. However, you can feel happy and happiness is the ultimate goal in life.