Has Slow Play Gone Too Far?

Slow Play has been a hot topic recently and some big names have spoken out against it. Koepka, one of the most vocal was paired with JB Homes at The Open Championship after previously calling him out over his antics. “I’m ready to go most of the time,” he said. “That’s what I don’t understand when it’s your turn to hit, your glove is not on, then you start thinking about it, that’s where the problem lies. It’s not that he takes that long. He doesn’t do anything until his turn. That’s the frustrating part. But he’s not the only one that does it out here.”

The subject has blown up again this weekend during the Northern Trust. Here’s why:

It’s hard to watch. Each player is given 40 seconds to hit their shot, now on some occasions you may go over if you have a rally tough one. No big deal. But this was an 8 ft put and he took 2 minutes 20 seconds! You can see the frustration on his playing partners faces and Justin Thomas even fakes a look at his watch to shop his displeasure. He was already put on the clock for slow play and the lack of awareness for playing partners seems incredible from this clip. So what did Bryson have to say about all of this? Did he apologise. Nope.

What are your thoughts on slow play. Is Bryson right that he is not the one to blame? Do we need a complete overhaul? Let us know.


Bryson has now apologised and vows to improve his pace of play:


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