Jofra Archer will ‘try to’ work miracles against the Aussies!

The next England bowler on the road to recovery is primed for Ashes action ahead of a crucial test match at Lords, but is this another case of wishful thinking? James Anderson, so often England’s go-to man, had much expected of him, only to crash out of the match at Edgbaston having only bowled 4 Overs! Yes, Jofra Archer has bowled in a test match this month, but can a stroll out against the Sussex 2nd xi really compare to the rigours of Ashes Cricket and the might of Steve Smith?

It would be wrong to say this desperation to get his name on the team sheet tells of a lacking England bowling attack however, as with names such as Mark Wood and Olly Stone also sidelined, the host’s hand has been somewhat forced. 1-0 down in the series, it’s hard to criticise England for throwing everything they’ve got at this (even if that is someone who not so long ago was complaining of playing in agony, and who was unavailable for the last test only a week ago)!

So to the man himself – Well this paints an altogether more exciting picture as he goes so far as to say he will ‘try to’ work miracles, unable to hold back in saying Justin Langer doesn’t know what’s coming to him! If these words hold true then it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that we could be seeing a changing of the guard here, as James Anderson, England’s leading wicket taker, departs for the young, hungry Archer who in his own words, ‘has never been more ready.’

Jofra Archer vs Steve Smith – Will he turn the tide? Let us know your thoughts!

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